Emi K.

“The Achievement Habit” is the rare book you experience — one that offers the permission to expect more of and extract more from yourself. It doesn’t do so in an accusatory way, just in an it’s-okay-you-can-do-this encouraging one. “This” is whatever it is you want to do. Whether it’s taking on a new exercise routine, getting better at memorizing people’s names or just cleaning the kitchen — the book takes you on a journey of stories and exercises to get to know the thing — the person, really — standing in your way.

[...] I have, in the cool embrace of dawn, discovered my passion all over again. Thanks to Bernie’s book, I have discovered how and why I stand in my own way. I was scared of judgment — mostly my own. I was also unaware that I had permission to take time for myself, that the morning, when my mind was most awake and available to me, was precious, and that there is, in fact, a book in me to be written.